My First Time Playing Animal Crossing

Naturally, I had to get on the Animal Crossing: New Horizons hype when it was released. I’d seen so many people tweeting about it and although I’d never actually played any versions off the game before, it just looked too cute not to play! I thought as someone who’s never really been involved in the whole Animal Crossing franchise I’d give my opinion on how the games playing out for me over the first week of playing.

animal crossing #1

Nintendo Switch Lite?

First thing I wanted to touch on briefly is that I didn’t actually have a switch to play the game. I’d only ever played on my brothers using multiplayer on Mario Karts linked up to the TV and the actual handheld device felt too big in my hands so when I realised that they actually did a lite version I decided it’d be the best option and more affordable. For the yellow switch lite and the game from Argos I paid around £219.99. If you do want to play multiplayer on other games and link up your screen to the TV then the switch lite 100% isn’t for you as there’s no way to do it but if you just want a small handheld device then go for the switch lite like I did!

First Impressions

I’d already seen quite a lot of gameplay via my Twitter feed with so many people being excited when it was released- the hype on Twitter really got the better of me. But I didn’t really know the whole story behind the game or how it plays out or even what genre it was. It’s pretty clear from the get-go that you’ll wind up on a deserted island (which you get to name) with 2 other villagers as well as the famous Tom Nook and his sidekicks Timmy & Tommy. The aim is to build up a really good island through challenges and playing out the game in real life.

animal crossing #2
Museum opening ceremony

animal crossing

Interacting With Villagers

One of my favourite things about the game is the interaction with the villagers. You get 2 original villagers, I got Ursula & Lyman who are so sweet, and then as time passes on you get more villagers relocate to your island and some of them will move out- at the moment I’m praying none of mine move out! You can also give them little gifts like hats or flowers and they’re always so appreciative, sometimes they’ll give you gifts like DIY recipes as well!

animal crossing ozzie
Ozzie is my favourite lil villager

Making money

Making money, which you will have to do, is really fun. You can go fishing, fly to other islands to collect resources, or craft your own items to sell on. I love having a fishing session and then making loads of money from selling them at Nooks Cranny. There are loads of guides online that will show you how much certain items or animals sell for. In the past week or so there’s been an Easter event on where you collect easter eggs and craft cute easter themed items which actually sell for a lot. You have to earn enough money to be able to pay off your debt from upgrading your home or building new bridges on your island.

Nintendo Online, Is It Worth It?

I didn’t realise you needed to purchase Nintendo’s subscription service to be able to fly to your friend’s islands. They do have a 7-day free trial so it’s worth giving it a try for a week but after it’s £3.49 which isn’t bad at all. It works out cheaper if you buy 6 months or a year upfront. I do personally think it’s worth it because in the start you don’t have any clothing shops or a proper furniture store so you’re able to shop on other peoples islands.

Facebook Groups

Okay this is a weird one as I’ve never been apart of a Facebook group for a game before. I found one on Facebook where people trade items, help each other out and it’s actually a really good group. You can visit peoples islands to gather fruit, resources and go shopping in their Nooks Cranny or Able Sisters!

Overall I genuinely have been loving the game as a newbie to the Animal Crossing world. I’ve not time travelled yet and I don’t intend to as I want to play the game day by day but let me know your thoughts on the game if you play it!


15 thoughts on “My First Time Playing Animal Crossing

  1. I’ve never played Animal Crossing before either and I’ve wondered whether I should after seeing all of the tweets etc. It sounds like fun but I don’t want to start getting addicted to something 😂. I love that it sounds like it has a nice community element to it x


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  2. I have seen SO many people posting about Animal Crossing recently. I haven’t tried it, but from what I’ve read/seen, I love the social aspect of it all. I can see why it took off so quickly, especially during a time where we’re all feeling cut off from the world. It’s a way to feel connected even if you’re doing so from the safety of your own living room.

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  3. This was super interesting!! As someone who’s never played a single game of Animal Crossing, seeing it everywhere and hearing so many of my friends playing it has got me very intrigued haha so this was great to read and a bit of an idea of what the fuss is about! x

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