My Animal Crossing Obsession

So I might not have racked up 1,000 hours of gameplay like some people have , but I can guarantee if I’d not been working during the various pandemic lockdowns my obsession would 100% show through many, many hours of gameplay.

Animal Crossing has been a worldwide success after hitting the market in March 2020. Selling over 22.4 million copies and being nominated for game of the year, there’s no doubt it’s taken over the world. With it’s super easy controls, adorable villagers and interacting with friends online, it’s by far my favourite game of 2020. Back when it was released and I secured my copy, I wrote up my thoughts of venturing into the Animal Crossing world. If you did read that then you’ll know I’d never actually played any versions of the game before and I was all very new to the horrifying debts of Tom Nook.

Since April I’ve paid off all my loans to debt collector Nook, completely flattened my island and built it up from scratch, completed my fossil collection and found a knack for interior design- I may not be good at it but I do enjoy it!

Christmas villager party!

One of the things I’ve enjoyed with Animal Crossing is the seasonal events, Christmas was my favourite! I loved the snow (although I do want it to go now), Christmas jumpers are adorable and the actual Toy Day was a really cute event. We were also given a Thanksgiving event (turkey day), an Easter event (bunny day-although i’m sure we were all sick of digging and fishing up eggs) and quite a few others! No detail ever goes a miss with seasonal events and the actual seasons with different materials for DIYS such as mushrooms and acorns are really good and adds something extra, although actually obtaining the DIYs is a lot less enjoyable!

Cute museum date with my boyfriend!

Being able to interact with real people through travelling to their islands is also really good and adds another dimension to the game. It’s really handy for buying/exchanging things but also adds a social aspect to it. With the pandemic and with restrictions being tight with who you can and can’t see, being able to actually sort of see people and socialise with them on Animal Crossing is something that’s helped people massively! My boyfriend has visited my island a few times and I think it’s adorable!


Oh and did I mention I finally reached a 5 star island rating? Yeah I did that! I really struggled to reach 3 stars to be able to terraform and then after that I kind of stopping aiming for the 5 stars and just went with the flow. But when I saw not 1 but 2 lily of the valleys I ran straight to Isabelle and she gave me the news! I’ve worked really hard and spent far too many bells on getting it to a place I’m happy with and I’m happy with it!

Dizzy and myself fascinated by the fish in the museum!

Another thing worth mentioning is that I actually treated myself to the Animal Crossing version of the Nintendo Switch. In my original post I said that I didn’t think the Nintendo Switch was worthwhile over the lite but after many hours of playing, when they restocked the Animal Crossing Switch I kind of needed to get it! I will admit I didn’t need it but I’ve definitely got my use out of being able to not only play animal Crossing on the TV but other games too! I got mine from the official Nintendo Store just before Christmas for £319.99 with a digital copy of the game. Transferring my island over was really easy too, took around 10 minutes!

So that’s where I am, an Animal Crossing super fan! Do you play the game? If so let me know your thoughts!

40 thoughts on “My Animal Crossing Obsession

  1. Omg I love animal crossing too!! I pre ordered so got it as soon as it came out on the switch and for a long time I played it every single day as I didn’t want to upset my villagers for not saying hello to them haha. But I agree, it really is a great game and I like the little events too! Although not the Easter one as it was quite annoying trying to fish for fish and then you kept getting eggs instead! xx

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    1. I think i had times where i felt really burnt out by the game but when November time came round and it was all snowy i fell back in love! Thanks for commenting x

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  2. I play this game too, Elle! If you want to add me on the Switch, I can dig up my friend code for you. If you need any of the fruits, I have all of the varieties! 🍒🍑🍐🍎🍊🥥

    It’s March, April, or May on my island all year round because I don’t care for fall and winter. Winter is pretty but the snow gets in my way haha I’m a fan of terraforming too! Terraforming can be a blessing or a nightmare. I have only terraformed about 2/3 of my island because I’m the most indecisive person ever! 😂

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      1. The weeds aren’t too bad – it doesn’t take too long to weed the island. With terraforming, it’s a bit more annoying because the weeds find their way into the nooks and crannies. I usually add bushes or flowers in those spots to prevent weeds from spawning. I agree that weeds are annoying, but it’s an easy 1K for 99 weeds.

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  3. I have been playing with Animal Crossing since Nintendo DS so when it came out on Switch it was the highlight of lockdown, to be honest! I love the seasonal events and new recipes. It was a true saviour! Thanks for sharing and congrats on five starts x

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  4. Love Animal Crossing! I was obsessed as a kid (on Nintendo Wii) then caved and bought a switch when it came out. With all of my uni work I haven’t had time to go on it and was shocked to see snow! Any tips are welcome I’m not great with designing my island.

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  5. I’m one of those people that went a little too hard when I got the game then burned myself out. I’ve been at a 4-star rating for months but just haven’t had the motivation to go beyond that. I also don’t want to do too much incase we get any new buildings so I have room for them.

    But congrats on yours 🙂

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  6. I absolutely love playing Animal Crossing too! I also always look forward to the special events too, Christmas and Thanksgiving were my favorite last year! Thanks for sharing, I loved reading this!

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  7. I am just like you. I play Animal Crossing New Leaf on my 2DS and Animal Crossing New Horizons on my Nintendo Switch almost constantly. It is just a wonderful game. Oh and by the way, who is your favorite villager? I mean if you have one they are all so cute. I would really want to know. Mine is Tangy the peppy cat. If you don’t know who she is, look her up. She is very cute. Anyways I await your answer. : )

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