Dating a gamer during lockdown*

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Dating can be hard enough but even harder in a pandemic under national lockdown measures. You can’t go on a date evening to your favourite restaurant, you can’t have cute day trips to the zoo and your physical dating life seems to be put on hold. Of course it does suck. I’d love to have cute days out with my boyfriend, and so would everyone else, but until it’s safe to do so we have to find alternatives.

There are 100s of virtual date ideas you can do in your relationship such as having dinner over zoom and getting your date to send you £15 for some wine, getting artsy with some crafting on Skype and even doing couples quizzes online. Depending on the type of person you are some *virtual* date ideas may be more appealing than others. But if you or your partner is a gamer, I’ve got you covered with my favourite type of virtual date.

Before I talk about the perfect virtual date idea for your gamer boyfriend or girlfriend, I wanted to mention Gamers dating which is an online website in which you can seek out a gamer boyfriend or girlfriend, perfect if you’re single and looking for someone with similar interests. You create a profile, add photos and then scroll through people in your area or further afield if you wish. If any catch your eye then you give them a message. You can customise your profile to show other members what kind of games you’re interested in and add a description about yourself. The great thing about gamer dates is that everyone on there has an interest on some aspects of gaming so there’ll be no shortage of chat up lines or conversation starters! As always, the website is secure but if you do meet anyone off the internet (beware of local restrictions and social distancing) always make sure you’re safe.

Going on a Virtual World Date

The perfect virtual date that’s an amazing idea for gamers is setting up a date in a virtual world. Any kind of games like The Sims, Roblox, Minecraft and Animal Crossing makes it super easy for you to go on a date- whether that be by visiting each others worlds or screen-sharing. My personal favourite is a little Animal Crossing date. Luckily my boyfriend loves Animal Crossing as much as I do so I decided to set up an adorable date area on my pier and I’m going to show you how I did it!

First step: Prepare

Obviously this would vary depending on which game you’re playing but for Animal Crossing, the first step was to create the date area and also pick my outfit! I decided to set up on the pier which I thought was a cute spot. I put down custom flooring that had little petals on to make it look more romantic and the heart bouquets at the entrance added to that. I put a kids tent at the end of the pier and added the vinyl record player, playing I Love You (cringe), and put in the hyacinth lamp for extra decoration. I put down a simple white ironwood table and chairs as a little seating area. I love how it looks and I’ve actually kept it on the pier because it adds a little extra something to my island.

In terms of my outfit, if I were to go on an actual date I’d be dressing up so it only seemed right to make sure my Animal Crossing character was looking her best. I actually took forever picking what I wanted to wear considering it was cold and snowy on my island but I settled for the pink sweetheart tank & shirt, a black denim skirt, layered socks/tights and then pink basketball shoes. I also thought a pink tiara would look cute along with the glasses I always wear and I loved the final result.

My pier turned into a date night area!
My outfit was super cute!

Step two: Let The Date Commence

Once you’ve set up the area and made it look as you desire, let the date commence! It’s really as simple as that, invite over your partner and have fun. You can use voice-chat, in game text chat or even just a phone call and have a chat whilst you’re sat down as if you were on a real date. You could even both have a meal whilst you’re playing, anything that simulates a physical date would work! Remember to take loads of photos too for keepsakes.

You can spend as long as you like on your date and have loads of fun. On my date we ended up going round the museum and taking cute photos, and it was actually really nice. Don’t forget to let your partner talk to the villagers cause a few days later you’ll find that your villagers mention their names and it’s actually really nice!

And that’s how you have a virtual date as a gamer couple! What are your favourite virtual date ideas? Have you participated in any gaming kind of dates? I’d love to know!

*This blog post is sponsored by Gamers Dating, however all opinions are my own and are in no way biased*

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