Animal Crossing x Colourpop: First Impressions

*This is quite a long post, so be warned I ramble a lot*

This is the makeup collection all gamers didn’t know they needed until now. This dream collection launched on 28th Jan with Colourpop and as presumed pretty much sold out on the first day. Now, I was only planning on getting an eyeshadow palette and potentially a blusher so tell me how I ended up with the whole collection in my basket?

Okay hear me out, I haven’t bought any new makeup in ages and I know Colourpop makeup it top notch! And I do love Animal Crossing… Before I get onto the logistics of cost & shipping lets just admire the gorgeous products

Shadow Palettes– $12

The eyeshadows were the whole reason I needed something from this collection. There’s 4 different palettes with different themes: What a hoot, Nook inc, Labelle of the ball and 5 Star island. Each palette is a mix of mattes and shimmers with 4 shades in each along with a mirror all packaged in a cute design. These were available to buy individually or as a set of 4! Let’s just admire the packaging first.

Nook Inc

The Nook Inc palette runs with the green theme and the aesthetics of Tom Nook, Timmy & Tommy who all get a feature inside the palette. Yes…Yes! is a really pretty shimmery blue which has great pigmentation. It’s a bold colour but a very pretty one. Next to that is Made in the shade which as you can see is another shimmer shade but this one is more of a dark green, more of an everyday wearable shade for me. Again this is really pretty! The matte shade in the palette is a really dark green called Water landing and is the perfect crease/transition shade if you were to use all these shades together. And finally CEO is a glitter shade that looks almost like a mint green colour with silver undertones, for me this would be the perfect inner corner glitter shade!

Nook inc.

5 Star Island

The pretty pink palette 5 Star Island is a super gorgeous pink themed palette in honour of our resident rep, Isabelle. Pink eyeshadow for me is an everyday colour and I’m going to get so much use out of this. Starting with the top right shade, Island Tune, this is a really nice pink that’s not too bright- perfect for the crease and outer corner or as a lid shade if you weren’t going for a shimmery look. The shade Isabelle is the prettiest yellow shimmer i’ve ever seen. I’ve never worn yellow eyeshadow but I can’t wait to come up with some gorgeous looks with this shade. The glitter shade in this palette is such a cute pastel pink called Island Designer and I’ll be using this through and through. Finally the bottom right is a nice dark burgundy kind of shade with a slight shimmer called Resident Rep.

5 Star Island

Labelle of the Ball is a palette of pristine purples and honours the able sisters! All shades compliment each other and you can create such gorgeous looks from it. Able Sisters has to be my favourite shade, it’s a glittery lilac! Serene Sable is a deep, matte purple which would be your perfect crease shade. The top right shade which is called Tailors Ticket is a shimmer shade that’s more of a lighter purple which would be your perfect lid shade. Custom Designs is another shimmer shade but this one is a darker shimmer that’s a mix between purple and brown- more of an everyday shade.

Labelle of the Ball

Pressed Powder Blushes – $12

So I don’t actually use blush that often and I’ve recently started getting into it in the past few months but these 2 shades, Flower Tender & Flower Power are gorgeous. Flower tender is more of a subtle peach tone blusher and then flower power is a striking bright pink! Just like the eyeshadow palette, there’s a mirror in these too and the packaging is adorable! It’s the little designs that make me happy.

Lip Tint Kit– $12

There’s 3 lip kits in this collection: fruit basket, fruit roots and pick of the bunch. Costing $12 (around £9) for 2 lip tints isn’t badly priced at all. I also like that there’s a good mix of a darker shade tint, bright shades and then a sort of neutral glossy shade. I’ve not tried these yet but I’ve gone off wearing heaving lipsticks, I tend to stick to lip-balm so these seem like the perfect alternative.

Fruit basket
Fruit roots
Pick of the bunch

Super Shock– $7

I’ve tried the Super Shock products before and I love them for what they are- a cushiony creme like eyeshadow. The shade balloon pop looks like the perfect icy, peachy undertone shimmer. However, mine came cracked *cue shade face*. Everything else in the package was bubble-wrapped except for this and I’m guessing that’s why it was all shamed. I did get the $7 as a coupon on my account and I can salvage the shadow!

Glitter Gel– $10

The bellionaire glitter gel is a gorgeous gold shimmery glitter, perfect for glamming up any look! I’ll admit I’m not sure what or where I’m going to wear this but maybe a little glitter liner will add a sparkle to my look! 10/10 for the extra cute packaging though. The glitter itself is quite thick and it’s almost like glitter flakes and makes me think of festival season- definitely a summer product!


So for the whole collection which included a free sticker sheet, the total came to $125 (just over £90) which I don’t think is bad at all for the amount of makeup you’re getting. It is also worth mentioning if you were to add all the items from the collection into your cart individually you’d be paying the same price, there were no discounts for buying the whole collection as a bundle.

My total order came to $150 which converted to £109 due to the fact that I had to pay $25 customs at checkout, even though delivery was free. Last time I ordered from Colourpop there were no custom charges at checkout or on delivery so this might be something to do with Brexit but don’t quote me on that. It also shipped with DHL international but was delivered to my house with Yodel within 3 weeks, so I did have to wait a little while.

You can still get your hands on the collection at the time I’m writing this (start of March) as they seem to have restocked some of the products, click here to see what currently is in stock!

12 thoughts on “Animal Crossing x Colourpop: First Impressions

  1. Colourpop release a lot of cute collectable makeup but I didn’t think I needed this collection. They’ve started adding customs at checkout now, not sure when it changed but before you would normally have got a Royal Mail handling fee on top of a customs charge at UK delivery if your order was over a certain amount. Maybe you got lucky if you haven’t had to pay that before! x

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    1. To be fair I did my last order about 2/3years ago and I spent enough to get free shipping but luckily wasn’t hit with any custom charges then x


  2. Wow, this all looks so cute! I’m loving the look of the three lip tints (I don’t wear eyeshadow so that might be wasted on me). It’s such a genius idea to tie up with Animal Crossing though, massive kudos to Colourpop! x

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