My Animal crossing villagers

Hey guys! I’m back with some more Animal Crossing content today since my last post did so well. I thought I’d slowly start showing you aspects of my 5 star island, Bunny Acre, and what great way to start by showing you my current villagers! My aim in the game is to gain every single villagers photos before they’re allowed to leavce my island. If you’re unsure what a villager photo is, it’s a framed photo each villager gives you when you’ve maxed out the friendship level by gifting them things, sending them letters, playing their treausre hunts, buying pointless hats off them and some more aspects contribute to it.


Ozzie is the sweetest lazy koala ever. His catchphrase ol’ bear and stripes on his clothes make him the best boy ever. However, I am waiting for his photo still, he drives a hard bargain. He was the first villager I found on a NMT island when I was searching for my first ever villagers when you have to make the materials for the 3 houses and he quickly became my favourite… but don’t tell the others!


I only took Hamphrey from a NMT island when I realised I needed different personality types on my island for reactions and DIYs. He was the cutest looking cranky character I could find and since hamsters are cute I decided to settle with him. He can be super grumpy at times but I’ve learnt to love him! The other day he sent me his photo in the mail and I almost screamed! He’s the quickest I’ve got a villagers photo and I don’t want him to leave.


Lyman is another koala but he’s a jock, so compared to Ozzie he’s a lot more active and loves to brag about his biceps. He was apart of my original 2 and I still have him! He gave me his photo a while ago, so although I’m going to be reluctant when he wants to leave, I suppose I will let him. I’ve also gifted him some really funny clothes so when he’s prancing about in his cat meme top I always have to laugh.


After Peanut asked to leave I went on a hunt for a new Bunny Acre friend that was meant to be a smug but Norma turned up and I couldn’t leave her- I love cows! She’s a normal personality, just like Fauna, and wears the cutest dress. I’m hoping I can win her over soon and get her photo. I also haven’t gifted her any clothing items yet cause the dress she wears is too cute for her to stop wearing!

Norma watering my plants!


Fauna is such a cute deer. She’s of normal personality so she’s really pleasant. I’ve acquired her photo and I think it’s time she moved on. I feel like she’s been on my island forever! I can see why she’s some peoples dreamie but I found her on a NMT island and thought she was cute so took her! Her style is really cute too, she’s always either sat under trees reading a book or watering my plants for me.

Fauna & Ozzie chilling in the Plaza.


Vivian the snooty wolf is my second newest villager, although she did ask to leave a few days ago- of course I said no! When Bubbles moved out I knew I couldn’t take another peppy as my island was full of them so on my 3rd ticket she showed up. I wasn’t sure whether to take her but I’m so glad I did, you can check out that villager hunt on my dedicated Instagram account for Animal Crossing! She’s given me all of the reactions a snooty can so i’m hoping her photo will be next!

Vivian’s compliments are the best!


Dizzy the very lazy elephant was bought off Nookazon when I couldn’t be bothered to go villager hunting. I think I paid 3NMT to get him from someones island and I’m glad I did. He’s my chunky lil boy. He’s always zooming round my island and looking cute when he does it! I am still waiting for my photo but the trick is to just give him fruit all the time!

We miss you Bubbles!


I feel like I’m not too fussed about Cheri on my island. She’s another peppy and I think she was the last peppy I got. Her personality is the same as 3 other villagers but at least she looks cute and her red house interior is very stylish! I finally got her photo and I’m hoping she asks to move out soon, sorry Cheri!


Freckles is yet another peppy girl. She’s 100% destined to be the first ever duck popstar to have emerged from Bunny Acre. Her house interior is…weird? and I gifted her a sea bass by accident so that fills up 3/4 of her house. But she’s cute & sweet and I have her photo!

Freckles has a lil beach garden!


Tad feels super underappreciated to me, and he’s a frog and they’re the best! He was the cutest one on a villager hunt so I stuck with him and love him! He’s a jock like Lyman but because he’s so small and adorable it adds to the cuteness. He’s usually walking around my island talking about patrolling it whilst wearing his hi-vis!

Tad and Vivian’s conversation

Notable past villagers

I couldn’t end this post without mentioning some previous villagers I’ve had. Bubbles being my number 1 fave girl ever! I found her on a villager hunt when I was recruiting my first few extra villagers and I thought she was adorable! She’s not long moved out of my island to make space for Vivian but I didn’t let her leave until I’d got her photo.

I wanted to mention Tammy, a sisterly cub, who I couldn’t stand. She didn’t do anything wrong but I could not get along with her, so much so that I moved her house into the forest of an area I didn’t really touch on my island…sorry girl.

Who are your favourite villager? Are you on the hype or the ‘typical’ dreamies or are there some underrated villagers you love?

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9 thoughts on “My Animal crossing villagers

  1. I would love to add you as a friend my switch. There seems to be no way to communicate with ppl on the switch itself unless you’re a friend within the game. My main issue is arranging times for ppl to visit my island lol I’m 2/3 of the way done terraforming my island which is the most time consuming thing about this game.

    Enjoyed reading your blog post! One of these days I should really make an animal crossing related post! Was it hard transferring the screenshots to your computer?


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