Glossier Finds

Back in 2018 I decided to try out some Glossier products and ended up loving their Lidstar cream eyeshadows. But since then I’d stopped buying makeup and skincare as much as I used to, so when Black Friday came round I thought i’d try out some of their other products including skincare!

I decided whilst there was a sale on I’d treat myself to a set of their skincare and their lash slick mascara. The skincare set I got was the 3-set Skincare for Dry Skin which includes the milk jelly cleanser, your own choice of colour/scent of blam dotcom and the priming moisturiser which are all full size. Originally priced at £54 I can’t remember exactly how much I paid for this but for the set and the mascara (which is originally £14) I paid £43.50.

Lash Slick Mascara

Firstly can we talk about the simplicity and cuteness of the packaging, it’s adorable. It’s a pretty pink colour and a really sleek design. For £14 it is a little more pricey than some drugstore mascaras but on the budget end compared to some of my high-end mascaras. The applicator is a thin bristle brush meaning i’ve never had any problems of it clumping on my lashes. I find that it’s not too much of a thick mascara and coats the lashes nicely, making them look really thin (in a good way) and dainty. I’ve been reaching for this loads and i’ve had no problems with it, it just makes me want to try some more of their beauty bits.

Lash stick Mascara by Glossier

Balm Dotcom Lipcare

I definitely think this lip-balm is highly raved about on social media. A full size tube is £10 so again a little bit more pricey but in my opinion worth it when you’re buying it in a set. They have a good range of different colours or scents but I did just go for the original untinted and unfragranced but I do want to try out the others. This lipblam is more of a liquid than a stick balm so it comes out clear and is a little bit thick but in no way makes your lips feel oily or sticky- it has a good balance. It doesn’t tingle either so doesn’t irritate the lips, it feels refreshing and quite long lasting.

Glossier balm dotcom

Milk Jelly Cleanser

The concept of this sounds really cool but for me personally, I was disappointed. You use this as a makeup remover before washing your face and it does a really good job of getting your makeup and surface dirt off your face but because I have sensitive skin and trying new skincare is pretty risky it irritated my face, felt really tingly and my face went red. It’s such a shame cause it has a lovely scent to it and does a really good job but I just think my face is too sensitive for certain cleansers. Priced at £15 full size this would 100% last a long time because a little goes along way.

The popular milk jelly cleanser

Priming moisturiser

This moisturiser smells amazing! I’m pretty sure theres hints of lavender in it because it smells so calming. Again I was skeptical about trying a new moisturiser as the ones I use at the moment are ones i’ve used for a while that work well with my skin. Surprisingly I had no reaction to this- shocking! It’s a thick cream whereas most moisturisers i’m used to are either water-based gel formulas or a lot thinner but I was pleasantly surprised. Although it is thick, it doesn’t feel heavy and sinks into the skin easily. A little goes along way with this as well and it’s the perfect night time cream.

Priming moisturiser

Overall I’m really happy with my Glossier haul and happy that i’ve found some new skincare that works for me! What are your go-to Glossier products?Want to see more? My Animal Crossing Obsession

5 thoughts on “Glossier Finds

  1. I agree with you about the cleanser. I bought it a while ago and was so excited to try it and loved the scent but it irritated my skin so much and made it go red so I gave it away. I was so disappointed but I’d love to try some more Glossier stuff – I think I’d like the lip balm. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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  2. I’ve always wanted to try Glossier! The mascara & the liquid blushes have been on my wishlist for so long! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these products! 🙂


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